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A project which works across geographical, disciplinary, and institutional divides requires a similarly complicated set of acknowledgements.

Megan Davies would like to thank the following people: Paul Antze, Gwyneth Davies, Leah Dunton, Michael Freeman, Shanna Howson, Kim Hutchinson, Nadya Martin, Meaghan McCue, Robert Menzies, Geoffrey Reaume, Gary Robinson, and the students of SOSC 3116: The Patient, 2004-2010, whose belief in educating youth about mental health inspired and sustained my commitment to this project. Diane Purvey was a pivotal “shadow” member of this project, providing crucial imput at all stages of the work. A special thank you to Lorraine Sutherns for endless support and timely inspiration, and to my home team – Colin Coates, Bryn Coates-Davies and Mab Coates-Davies.

Anne Marshall would like to thank Sara McLaughlin, Deborah Courville, Denis Harrigan, Dick Brown, Melinda Budgell, Linda Tate, Maureen Atherton, and the Centre for Youth and Society staff and research assistants

We would both like to thank our hardworking, creative and dedicated project team, our community contacts, Lucy Costa at the Empowerment Council, Lana Frado at Sound Times, and Shannon Quinn at LEARN, the survivor/consumer/users who had such a significant impact on our thoughts and ideas going into the project, and the teachers who took the time to provide us with feedback on draft versions of the teaching units.

Thank you to our funders, the Knowledge Mobilization Grant Program.